You can now organize your teambuilding event.

Because life is not just work, Laser Tag has developed an adapted Team Building package designed for companies in Covilhã and anywhere in the country.

By hiring this service, companies guarantee the exclusivity of the space and that their employees can take full advantage of the experience, with more fun time and the possibility of major battles.

With the team building package, you can choose different game models or just play and play just the type of game you want. This model results in personalized rankings and virtual medals are awarded to the best warriors and the most peaceful…

Why did we think it was important to have a Team building offer in Covilhã?

To build a successful business you need a team, in the truest sense of the word. Team building sessions, and the challenges that groups face on the battlefield, help to cement relationships and strengthen bonds. These Laser Tag activities, designed for companies, promote improvements in teamwork, in terms of communication, motivation and mutual help. On the other hand, happy employees mean greater productivity and work environment.

This activity covers four crucial team building challenges:

– Problems solution;
– Effective communication;
– Adaptability;
– Trust in the team.

Teambuilding activities should never feel like work and, here in our arena, your team will have a fun experience that, at the same time, being challenging, promotes the team’s growth.


DURATION: It has a total duration of 2h, which will be played in tournament mode, making several teams that will battle for glory.

NUMBER OF PARTICIPANTS: Minimum 10 people and maximum 20 people. For larger groups you will have a personalized budget.

COST PER PARTICIPANT: €20 per person, guaranteeing that at least 3 games will be played per person.

MINIMUM AGE: 12 years

DISCOUNTS: Offer of one entry for every 15 people.

If you want to take a break to recharge, we have a solution!
Try our Coffee-break at an extra cost of €5 per person. (minimum 15 people for this option)